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Frequently asked questions

Is there a deposit for the car rental?
When renting from the liability insurance (OC) of the perpetrator, we do not charge any security deposit. In the case of other rentals we block deposits on the credit card from 500 zł to 2000 zł - depending on the segment of the car.

What is the minimum age of a person entitled to use the car?
The minimum age of an entitled person is 21 years of age.

What is the cost of delivering and collecting a replacement car?
In the cities where Inter Fleet is located, the car is delivery during office work hours is free of charge.

Are cars insured?
All cars have a full insurance package liability insurance (OC, AC, NNW) and 24h Assistance.

Can I travel abroad using the vehicle?
Traveling abroad is possible only after informing Inter Fleet of such intention and obtaining the authorization to travel abroad. Traveling outside of Poland is possible only within the "green card" countries.

What documents are required to obtain a replacement car from the liability insurance (OC) of the perpetrator, and is it necessary to call the Police?
The Police's summons is dependent upon the occurrence of the damage, it is important that a statement is written with a clear indication of the perpetrator of the damage. Documents that are required are the statement, vehicle registration certificate (or Police note), the perpetrators policy data, insurance company name, policy number, and insurance period.

Do I have to bear the cost of renting a replacement car with the liability insurance(OC) of the perpetrator?
The Replacement car rental is with the liability insurance (OC ) of the perpetrator. It is a non-cash settlement with the insurance company of the perpetrator.

Could I get a replacement car, if my used car is only for private use?
Yes, it does not matter what purpose the car is used for, the replacement car is available for both private and business use.

What is the limit of kilometers of a replacement car?
In case of renting a replacement car with liability insurance (OC) the perpetrator, it does not have a prescribed limit.

Are there any hidden costs for the rental of a replacement car?
There are no hidden costs at Inter Fleet.

Is there a replacement car in case of total damage?
In the case of suspected total damage, the replacement car in the liability insurance of the perpetrator, is entitled until the date of receiving a receipt from the Insurance Company with a total damage claim. In case of damage from comprehensive cover(AC) - in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy.

Are the formalities connected with the removal of damage, in the time period of renting a replacement car done by Inter Fleet?
Yes, after delivering the required set of document needed for settlement.

Who should be contacted if a replacement car gets damaged?
In the case of a replacement car being damaged, contact the Inter Fleet Technical Service at 666 409 410

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